About us

What does de ’Grandeur Gems stand for? – The finer things in life.

Why is this Company being formed: To provide tangible materialistic opportunity to experience the great feeling of accessing these priced assets, to inspire those who aspire to own the Gems we advertise and furthermore to provide a space where successful individuals can purchase and celebrate their success with likeminded peers

GEMS are Cars over R1 million or exclusively limited by number produced or imported to South-Africa, Yachts, Jewelleries over R50 000 (per piece) or Clothing over R40 000 per set or an item. 


To be the most preferred source of latest business and market news updates with relevant content, and to be the most sought after site by aspiring owners of the assets we advertise.

De ‘Grandeur Gems is a Lifestyle Advertising Magazine. Aimed at individuals with the resource and capability to purchase assets advertised not side-lining those who are working their way up with the aspiration to afford the assets we advertise.

We admire the Art and Craftwork on the most valuable assets that man aspire to own, From the Bentley GT Continental and G63 AMG Mercedes Benz to Breitling, Omega, Rolex and Hublot Watches, We put a spotlight on the leather seats designs and the stitches, and on the finishing of the Royal Blue and Brown Combination on Cobalt Speed Boats and Yachts.