The Grand White Pretoria 2016

DSCN9961DSCN9965DSCN9964DSCN9969DSCN9970DSCN9975DSCN9977DSCN9993IMG_20160414_115811908 IMG_20160414_115839092 IMG_20160414_120156464 IMG_20160414_120016925 IMG_20160414_115900486 _IMG_000000_000000Centurion – Erusmia was painted white and green with guests that could total to about 3000, who had gathered for great company, drinks and food.  Scheduled entertainment included an array of singers. The program director did a very good job of ensuring that the guests were thoroughly entertained.

It was very social and inviting, on a sunny afternoon. At first, the Pretoria sun was a bit harsh however, as the evening settled in, the beauty of the event came to life. Some traditions were practiced – which is secret– if you want to find that out, then you must attend the next one.

There was a mixture of everyone, those known in the limelight, and those that are less known. However, the common theme amongst everyone was the sophistication at minimal effort which was so evident from the entrance to the decor. The tables were individually decorated by the groups occupying them, competing for the best decorated table. The beautiful hostesses made an environment a person would want to relive for as many weekends as possible.

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