4 Pipes Convoy from Morningside to Durban

This year’s Metro FM awards came with a cherry on top, the T-Bo Touch 4 pipes Convoy. de’GrandeurGems was invited to take pictures of the 4 pipes machines that T-Bo Touch(who can easily claim the title of being the Rockstar of Drive-time Radio) had assembled at Morningside in Johannesburg.His invitation was specific: “only cars that were imported or manufactured with specification of 4 pipes”, the norm is that such cars are performance cars and that’s where the fun begins.

It was a nice sunny Friday morning, great environment with great people, such you can associate with cars they drive.While some were collecting stickers to identify cars by, some were lightly networking and sharing a joke or two.Interested bystanders would approach the friendly car owners to get a closer look of the gems which rarely assemble at the same location like that morning, to take pictures.

The ensemble of these Gems included among others the New Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, C63 AMG both previous generation and new model(2016), the A45 AMG, The BMW i8(which was being driven by Touch himself), BMW X5 5.0d M-powered, M4 cabriolet and previous generation M3, Porsche 911 Carrera S, 2Cayenne GTS’s, Audi RS7, RS6, S5 and S3, Jaguar XK R, Maserati,  a couple of Golf 7 GTI R-type in different colours, and a golden oldie car which stole the swagger contest (it can only describe as a collector’s item)

The roars that those engines produced when they left Tasha’s restaurant parking lot got all the shoppers out of the mall to witness the vibration and roar of beasts warming up.The environment was so electrifying that it could shake the youth out of an old person, it was beautiful music to the ears of a performance car junky such as myself.Before long the cars had lined up leaving Morningside Durban bound at about 09:30 and what a beautiful scenerythis was.

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